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Angie Prince

I am Angie Prince, and I am an Agile Coach & Life Coach. I have a host of certifications that I won't bore you with, just know that my experience in the world of personal and professional developing runs deep and I have a few scars to show for it. 

I believe the coaches (Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Professional Coaches, and Leaders) I work with are fabulous at what they do, due to their keen ability to use intuition to guide their coaching craft. These women are usually able to pick up on the small subtle signals (what I like to think of as vibrations) from their clients and guide their clients toward recognizing their own abilities, creativity, and resourcefulness. However, our environments aren't always welcoming to the idea of intuition as a coaching skill and tool.

Powerful coaching conversations can often leave coaches feeling exhausted, tapped-out and empty; especially when we work in an environment of organizational change where coaching may not be welcomed by all. When we rely upon self-coaching or peer-coaching only, we often find ourselves receiving sympathy rather than what we truly need which is outside support to mirror back what we cannot clearly see ourselves. I know this to be true, because I tried it, I lived it, and I hit a wall. My cup was empty and I realized I could not offer what I did not have.

So, what do I mean by intuition as a coaching tool. Intuitive literally means “using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.”  It is my mission to work with women who are coaching or leading in any capacity,especially in the virtual world where our other senses are often muted. Embracing the very natural skill set we are all born with to find a balance between what we DO and who we ARE. You may be coaching in a different capacity and not even realize it. You may be coaching from a titled role of team lead, manager, leader or you might be a mother, coaching your children to develop and grown into remarkable humans. 

My question to you is this: While you are serving others, who is serving you?   

This isn’t about training, mentoring or telling you how to do what you already know how to do so well. This is about serving you as you serve others. This is about aligning to your inner guidance that often gets buried as you manage your life. This is about refilling your cup so that you can show up authentic, unapologetic, and unwavering. 

  • YOU are leading others to their full potential

  • YOU are the guiding light forward.

  • YOU are modeling this new way of Leading for others.

To do this you must fill your cup, just as you guide others to do.

Why do I believe in the power of personal agility coaching? I began working with a coach in 2016 and my life truly transformed. I went to her first for mentorship, but she wisely served me in a far different way, by exposing the part of my heart I had buried unknowingly. She knew I had everything I needed to be an amazing coach. It was simply time to align with myself and my unlimited potential with the flexibility and adapability that we talk about in the Agile world. I needed to begin thinking in terms of value, be clear about what I said Yes to and what I needed to set aside for more valuable things. Although I was doing well in my craft and certainly able to preach the message, I needed to learn to honor myself in an entirely different way.

This experience set me on a mission to share my transformative experience with other women, especially women like you, who are Leaders and Uplifters at the core of your Being. Check out My Agile Journey if you want to read the whole story.  

I would be honored to have the chance to work with you and embark on an amazing journey; one that is powerfully and uniquely yours.

Until then, I am holding you in a Vibration of Love, Clarity, and Empowerment.


"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way."

Wayne Dyer