Intuitive Readings

Prices & What to Expect

A 3-Card Personal Reading 

This offering is $45 and comes with a voice recording and a beautiful presentation of your reading that I will email to you so you can return to it as often as you like to recenter and re-validate that you are not only supported, but you are perfectly on your path. 

A Full 5-Card Personal Reading 

This offering is $65 and also comes with a voice recording and a beautiful presentation that is yours to keep, with the added benefits of richer detail, as well as tools and suggestions to support you on your path forward.

Both of the options above have limited availability each day. You will select a "time" on the calendar. This is simply a placeholder for the date. You do not need to be present for the reading. I will email your reading to you by the end of the day you select.

Prefer something more personal with a safe space to explore your Reading together?

 Live Private Reading 

This offering is $130 for a reading and a 45-minute private session where you have a chance to work with me personally. We will go through your reading together and you will have the opportunity to share how the message resonates with you. I have found that most clients who receive a Reading via email, reply back to me, sharing how they interpreted their message. This often leads to additional insights and opportunities to expand. With a Live Private Session, we will work together to dig into what your reading meant to you and what you can do to take action right away. 

Here's what you can expect for both the 3-card and 5-card Personal Card Readings​

  •  You will be asked for your name, phone (optional), and email (don't worry I won't spam you... I don't like it myself!) above. You don't need to put in any personal information. I am connecting with you energetically.

  • I will do your 3-card or 5-card reading, depending on which option you selected, on the day of the appointment. You will get an email for the allotted time, but you don't have to do a thing! Hang on to the email confirmation though. By the end of the day, I will email you a lovely file with your reading.​​

  • I ask that you let me know if the message resonates or not. It is my promise to you that I will deliver your reading with love and integrity. If you feel it doesn't resonate, connect with me, and let's see what we can do​. You decide if you want to take action on the messages you receive or if it's simply validation for what you already know.

  • If you need support in taking action (releasing on patterns and stories, moving forward with new ideas, making a tough decision, etc.) please let me know! That’s what I am here for and I may be able to support you. If not, I know many other women from the corporate world (recruiting, leaders, etc.) to the spiritual world (healers, dowsers, etc.) that are brilliantly supportive!​

  • Know that you are loved and guided always and celebrate yourself, RIGHT NOW, for having an open heart and open mind.​​

What to Expect with a Live Reading

  • *You will receive an email confirmation after you book the appointment. The Zoom® link will be in the confirmation. Consider adding the time to your calendar and make sure to hang on to the confirmation.

  • Before we meet, I will connect to you energetically and draw out your energy. I may need to wait until we connect to pull your cards, but I will often do this with your Inner Being before we meet.

  • We will meet on Zoom® at the time you chose and review your reading together. You are not required to be on camera if you chose not to. You will have the opportunity to share how the reading resonates, ask additional questions, and take away tools and techniques to support you after our session.

  • After the call, I will email your files to you, along with any notes I take during our session. From there, you decide if you want to take action on the messages you receive or if it's simply validation for what you already know.

I am so delighted that you're considering giving yourself the gift of a Personal Reading to clarify what has been calling to you!

Have additional questions that weren't answered here? Check out the FAQ to read answers to the most frequently asked questions.


*Prices are subject to change at any time. *

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