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What Participants are Saying

Crystal - Septemeber 2, 2020 Participant

"I really enjoyed the ceremony last night. 


I noticed an influx of work today. I've been bored for the last couple of months but today it was one thing after another which I enjoy. I love to busy, I love to have multiple projects going at once. My mind focuses and stays happier that way. Not sure why, I may possibly have some undiagnosed ADD, but either way that's how I like to roll. 


I look forward to more of these" 




I woke up today feeling refreshed, I started my day early, I feel beautiful in my own skin, and powerful.  I am going to take the advice to get more rest when I can and I am working on getting a new job to start mid Sept.  The ceremony was beautiful and so peaceful.  The meditation was a new experience for me and I felt very calm in that.  Thank you so much!"

Ashley ~ September 2, 2020 Participant


"OMG Angie! One thing I put down was being supported more. Needing the support. Well, this morning I woke up and did my normal thing. But my mom said she wanted to make me breakfast. I was like yes i would love that. I was so hungry and was behind as always. So she made me eggs and veggies with toast. she has not done this for me in years. then she helped me pack my lunch. I as 5 mins early to work instead of 5 mins late. AND I was able to eat breakfast at home! Thank you for doing this ceremony!


September 2, 2020 Participant

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