• Relieving Stressful and Anxious Feelings - Group Meditation
    Jan 23, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EST
    Zoom Online Session
    Join me for a group meditation/hypnosis session where we will focus on relaxation, stress & anxiety relief, and releasing negative emotions more easily & consistently. This event is "offer what you can". An offering is not required to participate. Simply select the offering that feels best to you.
  • Let it Go with Ease - Session 1 of The Elevation Experience
    Feb 20, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST
    Zoom Online
    Join our FIRST EVER Elevation Experience Event! We will be talking about the true origins of fear and its limitations, how to easily let go and authentically empower ourselves in a way we never thought possible. All of this while exploring the crystals and aromatherapies that enhance the experience
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More about the Elevation Experience

I asked women just like You, to describe 2020 in one word. You said ”Hell! Introspection, Chaos, Aimless, Trying, Grinding, Twilight Zone, Growth, Awakening, Enlightening, Spiritual Awareness, The Great Reboot.”

Then I asked them to describe the ideal 2021. The themes emerged as “Health, Compassion, Love, Happiness, Travel, Freedom, Financial Abundance, Flexibility, and Continued Expansion.”


What if everything you said you wanted already existed at an elevated vibration? What if it were easy to access that energy and maintain it more consistently?

There’s really no question about it…. It DOES exist and you can access it because it’s who you are; a magnificent creator!

Don’t believe me? Not to worry, I didn’t either until I experienced it myself.

Like me, many of the women I have the honor to serve weren’t aware of how to consistently access that vibrational state. Oh, we understood manifestation and alignment (the concepts, principles, etc.), but we had difficulty experiencing it and we had a tendency to feel like we needed to make it perfect… leaving us even more wobbly and alone when things got rough.

Let’s be honest, sometimes I still feel it, but now I know how to experience elevated energy and I have a team of not only spiritual, but human co-creators to support my ever-expanding experiences. This is what I wish for you too and what we are bringing from conferences and physical workshops to an online group experience.


L.E.A.D. an Elevated Life is the kickoff to The Elevation Experience (a series of events in 2021 to explore crystals, candles, aromatherapies, guided self-hypnosis, and soooo much more.)

L.E.A.D. stands for

  • Let Go & Love

  • Emotional Self-Awareness (like you’ve never experienced before)

  • Accept & Allow

  • Discernment

In the first event, I will share my crazy story and the 4 high-level steps I took to shift from hustling (which I was hella good at… most women I know are) to easier alignment and experiencing manifestations. From a high school dropout, homeless and on the verge of divorce, I started experiencing shifts by taking these steps and exploring who I truly AM deep down inside and having the confidence to BE her!


You know what I’m talking about. The woman within, she’s whispering to you every day… “There’s more for you.” And no matter how you identify (single or taken, employed, unemployed or entrepreneur, mom or not, religious, spiritual, healthy skeptic... you name it…) the woman inside is absolutely right.


There is SO much more and the world is just waiting on you to stop the hustle and just L.E.A.D.

But make no mistake about it… this is not the ONLY way to find and maintain alignment. You likely have many practices too. This is about sharing my experiences, the practices that have worked for me, and exploring what works to elevate you as you continue to expand.

After we learn to L.E.A.D., we are going to take it to next level in The Elevation Experience.


The Elevation Experience is an online event series through 2021 where we will take a deeper dive into different spiritual practices to explore what I have learned on my spiritual journey that led me to live an Elevated Life that I didn’t even realize was possible. Unlike a year-long program, this series is available to opt into each month, giving you the flexibility to select what feels good to you!

We will explore tools, such as crystals, candles, aromatherapy, and more; experience guided hypnosis and meditation; receive support through on-the-spot intuitive readings and guidance, and build a community of women just like you, who are exploring who they truly are and what they truly desire.


You can expect to tap into your intuitive knowing and easily hone your spiritual gifts which will guide you in creating whatever the hell you want!

Join us on this incredible journey to give rise to the woman within who is whispering to you “there’s more.” The possibilities are endless and magical.

My vision is to take this Elevation Experience ON THE ROAD with a retreat full of Spirit, Shopping, and Fun!

Not sure if you're ready for The Elevation Experience?

Schedule a personal intuitive reading below.


What Event Participants are Saying

"I really enjoyed the ceremony last night. 


I noticed an influx of work today. I've been bored for the last couple of months but today it was one thing after another which I enjoy. I love to busy, I love to have multiple projects going at once. My mind focuses and stays happier that way. Not sure why, I may possibly have some undiagnosed ADD, but either way that's how I like to roll. 


I look forward to more of these" 

Crystal - September 2, 2020 Event Participant




I woke up today feeling refreshed, I started my day early, I feel beautiful in my own skin, and powerful.  I am going to take the advice to get more rest when I can and I am working on getting a new job to start mid Sept.  The ceremony was beautiful and so peaceful.  The meditation was a new experience for me and I felt very calm in that.  Thank you so much!"

Ashley ~ September 2, 2020 Event Participant


"OMG Angie! One thing I put down was being supported more. Needing the support. Well, this morning I woke up and did my normal thing. But my mom said she wanted to make me breakfast. I was like yes i would love that. I was so hungry and was behind as always. So she made me eggs and veggies with toast. she has not done this for me in years. then she helped me pack my lunch. I as 5 mins early to work instead of 5 mins late. AND I was able to eat breakfast at home! Thank you for doing this ceremony!


September 2, 2020 Participant

Relieving Stressful and Anxious Feelings - Group Meditation
Jan 23, 6:30 PM EST
Zoom Online Session

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