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Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. I answered.


If I am intuitive, why hire an intuitive? Can't I just do this myself?

Just as doctors see other doctors, therapists hire therapists, coaches have coaches, and lawyers don't represent themselves, intuitives and healers are best served by allowing their natural well-being to be channeled by a co-creative partner. 

Your energy and vibration are as unique as you are, but we often ignore the calling in our hearts until someone holds up a mirror to reflect upon.  You might be feeling called to something new or like something is right there for you, but you can't quite put your finger on it. Something may be weighing you down and you just need a bit of clarity to navigate through it. No matter why you came, you're here, and that's perfect!


We are here to support one another and expand together. It's easier to let go of resistance that is blocking you when you have a tribe supporting you along the way.

Still have questions? Click the button below to email me. I encourage and welcome all questions!

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Are Oracle Cards like Tarot Cards?

Oracle cards are uplifting, inspiring, and loving. There are no 'future' predictions and there is no alarming information that comes through. I do know a few fabulous readers who utilize tarot; however, I prefer to work with Angel, Ancestors, Starseed, and other oracle card decks. I feel that the information comes through for me more clearly and in an inspiring way.

How do you Read people, Angie?

I have always had the ability to tap into the energy of others (so do you and if it's something you're interested in learning, I recommend a reading and coaching session). The way I work is to connect with your Highest Self (Soul/Spirit) energetically and ask You to guide me to the message that will serve your highest good. This is why the message will resonate with you (if you are often aware of how you are feeling), rather than shock or alarm you.

Will the Reading predict my future?

The most honored law in the universe is Free Will. To 'predict your future' would dishonor that. What I do is tap into you, where you are now, and can tell you what you are likely to attract into your life if you do not honor what is calling to you. Your calling and tips to get there are included in the full 5-card reading. I want you to be as joyful and successful as you are meant to be, so I will guide you, but you always have free will to make the choices that are most aligned with your path.

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