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Monthly Inspirational Messages
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July 1, 2020 

From Goddess Kali who brings the Energy of Endings and Beginnings to the Angel of Balance, we are being called to release the old stories and step into Lightworking Leadership.

Copy of Celestial Luminaries Rising (3).

 October 1, 2020 

October 2020 Message 

You are a Lightworker, here to raise the vibration of the Planet. What better way than through song? Lift your voice my beautiful sisters. In a time wrought with negativity, Trusting your Inner Knowing, Clearing your body and Space, aligning with the Soul Song, and Signing the Song of Love to Uplift Your Soul and Humanity is what you came for! It’s WHO. YOU. ARE. Click the photo above to view the video reading.

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February 1, 2021 

February Message 

This month, the message of illumination is in regard to the clear vision that is now or will be soon, erupting within you. You’ve come too far. You know too much. What was once obscured will come into clarity if it hasn’t already. However, you may need to rest a great deal more than you typically allow, to prepare the foundation for what you will bring to life in the ‘spring’. 

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August 1, 2020 

A spiritual message of holding a higher perspective of seeing
the bigger picture to become unbound to live life from the heart as we continue diving for the light

Copy of Celestial Luminaries Rising (2).

November 15, 2020 

November 2020 Message 

The November reading started with Cupio Dissolvi (I want to be dissolved) to remind us to let go and trust that things are working out in their own way. Events are unfolding according to a higher plan. We were encouraged to focus on the Mandala of the Heart, as things and people may fall away this month. Trust in the goodness; the inevitable blessing of your destiny falling into place. As Ishtar's Lion Gate 888 showed, your heart has a heightened connection if you will allow it. Things that may seem negative, are going to transform into something beautiful and extraordinary. Doors are opening now; abundance, prosperity are headed into your life, so shine your light without fear. A Soul Truth reminder... "What if it were Easy?" It doesn't have to be hard to surrender and have faith. List 10 possible ideals for your soul's calling, lean into ease, and know that it is done. No matter the outcome of any external circumstance, It. Is. Done.

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September 1, 2020 

You were born into Legacy of Light and there is work to be done now... to right past wrongs while also honoring the legacy left before you. You are being called to embrace a new level of Confidence as the Lightworker YOU were born to be

Copy of Celestial Luminaries Rising (4).

December 21, 2020 

December 2020 Message 

Moving forward from December 21st on, you may notice other around you feeling more aware and more emotional. Do you remember your first few weeks or months of awareness (awakening)? It felt as you may crawl right out of your skin. Extend your heart, for your role in all of this is to be vulnerable in a way that you have never been. You can show up compassionately and honestly during these times. Set boundaries, of course, but understand that YOUR UNDERSTANDING will seem as if it were salvation itself

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