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Angel Feathers & Magic

A week or so ago, Addison (our 4-year old daughter) and I were sitting on the front porch after dark when she asked me a simple innocent question that resulted in her believing that ALL things are possible, and that magic does exist. The conversation went like this:

Addison: “Are you scared to be outside in the dark?”

Me: “No, Baby. I feel protected and safe as long as we are together, and daddy knows where we are.”

Addison: “And the angels?”

Me: “Yes, and the angels.”

Addison: “Like Gabriel?”

Me: “Yes, like Gabriel.”

Addison: “I love Gabriel. She is watching over me and I have magic like her.”

If you were a kid in the 80s, you might remember the paintings of the beautiful angel that hovered over the two small children (girl and boy) crossing the broken bridge. Addison asked for the painting when she saw it online and she insisted that the angel in the picture was Gabriel. Hence the reason she refers to Gabriel as who she knows Her to be in her heart.

She talked to Gabriel and told her of the time when she was two years old. We were in a car accident when the driver in the car in front of us fell asleep at the wheel, merged over into oncoming traffic, and hit an SUV head-on. The SUV went airborne, coming down on our car before slamming into the rear driver side door so hard that it ejected Addison from her car seat. The seat belt fastened across her thigh caused her femur to break in half.

We were told that she would be in the cast that started at her chest and went down the length of her tiny body to her ankle for at least 8 weeks.

We followed our hearts through prayers, healing, positive affirmations, and we whispered in her ear daily of the magic that she had to send love and healing to her leg. We told her that she was strong, magnificent, and magical; that she was healing it every day, and the angels were loving her, protecting her, guiding her, and supporting her.

Her Spirit stayed high for the most part. The doctor removed that cast at 6 weeks because the bone growth was so significant. He remarked that it was "a little crazy." She was riding her scooter the next day.

Now, at the age of 4, as we sat in the dark on the front porch, she spoke to Gabriel, retelling the story. She said she could feel her long white feathers around her. And then she wished that she had a white feather from her, but she knew that angels couldn’t leave their feathers.

Now, as it would happen, I have been walking around our neighborhood in the mornings. This particular morning, I made two laps. On the second lap I noticed a large pure white feather in our side yard.

If you know me, I am going to pick up large feathers and place them in my studio filled with spiritual blessings. As I approached the feather, without much thought, I turned and walked in the house, leaving it there. So, when I heard her wish, I knew why I had left it and just hoped that it was still there given the number of neighborhood children who play in our yard.

The following video, although dark at first, captures a precious moment of me convincing Addison that the journey out into the dark unknown may be worth embracing the fear, if we were together, and as long as we believed in a little magic, we would be blessed.

My blessing? Being the cooperative component to a moment in time that shifted my daughter’s perspective, opened her heart a little wider, and demonstrated the unconditional love that is always available to us if we only just believe...

... and as Abraham Hicks would say

"The Law of Attraction is calling me into the Vortex and all

Cooperative Components are being summoned to it"

I'm sending all my love and intentions that your feather finds you too.

All My Love to You, Darlin'




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