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Reopening the economy... are you ready to return?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

If you watched the video above, there's no need to read the blog... you can skip right to the quiz at the bottom of the page.

As Georgia pushes forward with reopening and other states follow the lead, emotions are running high and opinions abound. From ‘we are reopening too soon and thousands more will die’ to ‘our economy is crashing and we have to get back to work’ to somewhere in between. No matter what stance you take on the reopening of the country, the simple fact is, we will reopen. And although I don’t believe we will ever go back to operating exactly as we did before, there will be a new sense of normalcy. So, the question then becomes, are you ready to return… or is something else calling you?

If you missed my last blog, I wrote about how I was feeling heading into surgery during the pandemic. At the time, I was feeling both apprehensive and relieved. Apprehensive because, well, there is a virus floating around, and I felt a little like a lab rat as one of the first patients to test the theory of safety in reopening. I was relieved because the surgery was needed, but more than that, I was relieved because I knew someone else, better yet a team, would take care of me for a change.

From the start of the lock-down that offered a type of ‘reboot’ for so many, I found myself busier than ever. From a full-time job, to distance learning and third-grade math that kicks my ass on my best day, to questioning if I'll ever be able to buy Lysol again… it felt like a real-life Groundhog Day.

But as the moment arrived to leave my husband and kiddos behind in the hospital parking lot, I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. My youngest had never spent the night away from me and her sobs that day was not only heartbreaking and heavy for her, they were for me too. I gently kissed her tears away and I tried my best to calm the fears of my oldest daughter who was certain that a hospital wasn’t the best idea at the time.

I grabbed my things and began walking toward the sliding glass doors where visitors weren’t permitted to go, and in that moment I felt it deep down, for as much as I wanted a break, I was going to miss the constant companionship of my family. This had become our new normal.

Later, with IV’s securely in my arms and a silver tin foil blanket pumping hot air up my legs (ahhh….I’ll admit, that was nice), I finally had time to really reflect over the last few months. Yes, I may have felt anxious over the balancing act at home, or saddened by not being able to plan for the future, but more than that, I was haunted by the idea of returning to the way things were.

But as Alice Hoffman will tell you; “Once you know some things, you can’t unknow them. It’s a burden that can never be given away.”

There really is no going back, but I don't think what we now know has to be a burden. It can be an honor and an opportunity. With each new experience, we expand and evolve... and what this experience has taught me is

Toilet paper seems to be a luxury and scavenger hunts suck.

Our systems are fragile and perhaps outdated.

When death feels closer to home than usual, priorities became radically different.

I love my family fiercely, but truth be told, our family time was more of a commodity than the norm.

Isolation is unnatural and authentic connection is more meaningful than we could have imagined.

Heroes and helpers are everywhere, and they are courageous and valuable.

We didn’t really acknowledge who was essential to our survival before now.

We may have missed out on a lot of joyful experiences while we were busy with ‘all the things.’

I have talked to several women over the past two months who are questioning, as we push forward with the reopening, if they are ready to return. Returning to an office, to commuting, to the busyness of it all, or to the way of being that seemed so normal before.

Something deep down is telling them that there is more to life than that. Something in their heart is calling, even if they aren’t sure what that might be just yet. This is true for me too.

As this period of ‘rebooting’ begins drawing to a close, are you ready to return to what was or will you return to something new and extraordinary?

Give yourself permission to explore what is true for you. There is a link to a short quiz below. Have fun with it as you explore what your heart might be telling you.

There’s no going back and now is the perfect time to listen to what’s calling you forward.

All of my love,




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