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Willing to Quit During an Economic Crisis: Freedom Through Broadcasting

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Today marks the end of a 9-week leave of absence from work, and no, I wasn’t laid off.

It all started as a personal decision to take care of my physical health at the end of April. It eventually turned into a test of my courage to be intentional about my desires, dreams, and well-being. As the days were getting closer to my original return date, to the role I had previously filled, my body literally began physically rejecting the idea.

During a “You can do this” self-pep-talk a few days before, I slowed down to think of the many times I worked with clients. Helping them find clarity, moving through resistance, and crafting the message of their desires and dreams that they would broadcast to the world… to the Universe.

How many times had I asked the women I supported to reframe how they were perceiving their circumstances? I reached out to my own support team to work through the muddled thoughts. Talking through it, I remembered one of my favorite clients.

She was intently focused on a new career. We spent time covering topics such as abundance, fear, confidence, etc. It always came back around to the same thing before we ended each session. Every time we started the calls talking about the opposite of what she truly wanted.

It’s a habit you know? We tend to focus on the unfulfilling and uncomfortable current circumstances. Then we layer in a dash of guilt, resentment, or embarrassment from similar past experiences, and throw in a side of fear that we will repeat the same mistakes in the future. Or worse, we craft elaborate “What If” stories of all the ways things could go to hell if we don’t manage it just right, and it always feels like it’s going to go to hell sooner rather than later.

Working with this particular client, I asked her to broadcast to me exactly what she would love in a new career.

I asked, “What are you doing that lights you up? Who are the type of people you’re working with? What does your workspace look like? Most importantly, how do you FEEL working there?”

It didn’t take long before a beautifully crafted vision came flowing from her.

“Great!” I told her. “Now I know what to keep an eye out for and send it your way. Can you imagine someone sharing the perfect job and now I can say ‘Oh my goodness, I know the perfect person for you!’?"

That’s just one example of the “3 steps” I’ve utilized more times than I can count. Of course, the inner work is much deeper and the way we take those steps is almost never linear, rather they are cyclical. Career, relationship, health, it’s all the same. 1.) Get clear, 2.) Move through resistance, and 3.) Craft that beautiful message to share with anyone who will listen. But for all those times I’ve utilized it to support others, I often forget to use it myself when circumstances feel particularly rough. That’s always the way it works.

So, as I approached the deadline to go back to a role that seemed to no longer fit, I had to take my own advice.

What would I love?

I would love to serve in a role that felt creative and delicious; work with a team that valued what I had to offer, and have the spaciousness to continue the momentum that had been building in my coaching business.

What was causing my resistance?

All of the stories that were creating self-imposed bondage. “Shouldn’t I just be grateful for the job right now? What if I tell them what I would love and they say No? What if I am laid off in the middle of an economic crisis? What if I disappoint my family? What if it all crashes and burns? What if… what if… what if.”

Or… I could reframe. “What if everything works out better than I could imagine? What if THIS very action right here, right now, to follow my calling and step into my magnificence, is what it's truly about? What if this willingness to burn it all down and lose it all was a test of my willingness to embrace my dreams? What if my family loved me unconditionally and this created an even more amazing love… beyond my wildest dreams? What if this simple reframing actually set me free?"

Finally, what would I broadcast? What would my message be?

I would broadcast my truth. I sat quietly and crafted the message. That was the easy part. Then, I picked up the phone, typed in the text that I needed to talk to my boss's boss, waited 30-45 mins with my finger hovering over the send button (shaking violently, I won't lie), and finally hit send. I was certain I would pass out.

Long story short, I start back tomorrow… in my new role. The exact one I asked for and I am being invited back in with open arms and warm welcomes from the team.

Best of all, I have also carved out the time I need to be present in my intuitive coaching practice. This is the work I so passionately love and I proved that to myself by speaking my truth and being willing to push through the discomfort to honor it.

I was willing to quit my job in the middle of an economic crisis, but I didn’t have to. I just had to be clear about my intentions, have faith that I am always supported, and take the courageous step to speak my truth. Was it uncomfortable? Hell yes, but out of discomfort comes the most extraordinary and beautiful creations. That’s how it works, you know. Not just for me… for you too.

So, I will leave you with this. What is your heart calling you to? You know, that calling that feels uncomfortable yet exhilarating when you ask yourself “What If it all worked out better than I could imagine?”

What if you break the chains that are holding you back from being the woman you are becoming? Are you ready? If so, I'm ready to co-create with you! Click here to schedule a date and time that works for you!

All My Love,

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1 Comment

Wow! Talk about some powerful questions and observations. I love the way you navigated through this. There is so much courage in this experience. There are many ways you could react or not act upon and yet you did. I am truly inspired by this way you showed up for yourself even in the face of fear.

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