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This is a pre-recorded guided group meditation. 


If you have been feeling worried, doubtful, fearful, anxious, or stress recently, this recording will be perfect for you. The energy that surrounds us, and IS US, is experiencing a great deal of change. It is absolutely common that you would feel a bit wobbly at this time. This meditation does not promise to ELIMINATE "negative" or lower vibration emotions (you wouldn't want that anyway). What we aim to do is create a new pattern or set of patterns during the meditation that will help bring relief more easily and consistently in the days and weeks to follow. 


Once your order has been placed, you will be emailed this link from HighTail to access the recording for 30 days or download it to your own device to keep.

Relieving Stressful and Anxious Feeling Guided Meditative Hypnosis

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