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My Energy Support Team

When we work together, there may be times that what we discover is outside our genius zone. Below are just a couple of amazingly intuitive and gifted women that I work with to give my clients the most holistic and caring service possible. Keep an eye out as I continue to add many more.


And don't wait for me to send you their way! Go check them out now. You won't regret it! 

Reiki Treatment



Reiki Healing

Adults, Children & Pets

Working with her clients, their children, and their pets, Angelia has an incredible gift to provide Reiki Healing both in-person and at a distance. In my sessions with her, I have felt an immediate release of built-up energy and after the session, she provides me with the most beautiful intuitive information. I have sent many clients to her over the years and they always have a similar experience; feeling renewed and loved. 



Dowsing & Quantum Space Clearing

Mary-Catherine is an amazing professional Dowser. Clearing energy from your home and sharing intuitive information, Mary-Catherine creates a space, both in-person and from a distance, where you can thrive!

Mary-Catherine is also an amazing blogger; freely providing her expertise after having worked with children for many years. Make sure to check out her blog on her site.

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