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What are clients saying?

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Kristen W.


"Angie is phenomenal at what she does. I have never had anyone connect to someone who has passed and provide a message from them before. She is kind, caring, and genuine - she truly listens to you and provides much information aimed at your living your best life. I highly recommend booking a session with Angie."

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Monaca W.


"Guidance session with Angie is mind blowing experience. She has validated me every step of the way. What’s even more wonderful is how she loves my daughter. My daughter leaves her session more clear minded and feels like she a million bucks. She is learning so much about herself in sessions"

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Heather J.


"I’ve had three Intuitive Readings with Angie since the beginning of the year and every time, she has picked up on things she couldn’t possibly know. A few times, she told me exact visions I’ve had myself that I hadn’t told ANYONE. As soon as we get on the call she starts sharing exactly what she’s picked up on and I’m blown away. I’ll be honest, the first time I scheduled a reading, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am so glad I did. Every time we talk, it’s like the boost I need that lasts for months and I reread the notes over and over until the next time. She helped me find my dream job and clarified what I was blocking in my relationship. She also connected with my friend who passed years ago even though she had no idea that I had been talking to her for weeks, but she gave me to exact answer to a question I’d been asking. I highly recommend Angie. She makes you feel loved and powerful. I will definitely be back. – Thank you, Angie. You truly are amazing."


Lexi M.


"Talking to Angie feels like the first breathe of fall air... If you know you know! Intuitive coaching with Angie is the way I reconnect, re center, and and regain the inner knowledge I already possess to move toward my path of least resistance. Angie has guided me through some of the most challenging times in my life with hypnotherapy, intuitive readings, and group moon light rituals. I find our sessions to be incredibly empowering and calming. Angie has a way of connecting with me on a deeply relatable level. I hold the take aways, from our sessions, very dearly. When I’m having a high or low moment her coaching makes me feel balanced. Angie’s energy is unmatched. I am beyond grateful for her willingness to share that magic with the world. If you haven’t already book your first session today!"

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Cathy M.PNG

Cathy M.


"Cannot say enough positive about Angie. This is not the first time I have given a testimonial and I am sure it will not be the last. I had a Purpose Gene Key Session with her today and it was amazing. It explained so much of my journey and the why of path. Angie is able to walk with a person in a way that helps connect the dots. Be it a Gene Key session or an Intuitive Reading, her presences helps one to find the path they are meant to find and holds the space while walking it. Thank you Angie for all you do. If you want someone to walk with you, wherever you are, she is the one to do it as you do it for yourself. Love my journey with her"


Victoria G.


"I first met Angie through her Release and Let Go class and I instantly felt pulled to her magnetic energy. During both the class and guidance session, I felt so supported and I honestly felt like I was talking to a good friend. A good friend, who is also spiritually gifted and has a 5D mindset- which is the best kind of friend to have! She was spot on with her intuitive guidance both times. It was really cool because one of the puzzle pieces/visuals she was telling me that she had received, was actually the same one I have seen a few times over the past year.. That was a wonderful validation. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who will hold space for you, while assisting you to align with your highest self and purpose. I am truly looking forward to working with her again!"

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Monica W.


"How can I put into words the magic that is Angie and the magical work she does?! 


I've had several sessions with Angie and she truly is gifted. Each session leaves me feeling more fulfilled, more in alignment with my soul's journey, and more open than the last. 


Angie was able to read things about me that NO ONE knew. She has given me the support, confidence, and guidance that I really needed to affirm that I am on the right path. She has helped me get out of my head and into my heart so that I can trust my inner guidance even more. 


The work I've done with her has truly changed me. Personally, professionally, spiritually, and in my day-to-day relationships. I am so blessed and grateful that the universe led me to Angie and her work. 


She is dedicated to her craft and her mission and it shows in every session. Her energy is contagious and you just end up wanting MORE of it in your life. 

I can go on and on about how amazing she is but really words are limiting. Working with Angie is an experience that needs to be felt more than talked about. "

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Anonymous Client


"I met with Angie and immediately felt a sense of calm.  Her positivity just came through the screen and made my negativity melt away.  Many of the things she said were accurate about my current situation and she provided some clarity that I needed.  She also gave me some helpful information that I have been using since our session.


I would recommend her to anyone that needs to be uplifted."

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Lizzy L.


"As a BREAKTHROUGH SPECIALIST, I love receiving validation that I am on the right path, and my session with Angie offered that and so much more. Visions I have for myself were completely tapped into, and I even felt a huge perspective shift that put me one step closer to manifesting my dreams. I highly recommend stepping into this magical journey, it’s reviving, rejuvenating and life-changing."

Cathy M.PNG

Cathy M.


"My experiences with Angie have been amazing. Her insight and intuition has allowed me to blossom and get in touch with my divine soul. She has been amazing to walk down the path with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who fees the need for support as they fan and grow their inner flame."


Anonymous Client 


"Thank you so much for my reading, Angie. I am still going over my delicious notes savoring all the stuff that resonates! I am so glad I found you or that we found each other. <3 <3 You, my dear one are truly gifted at what you do." 

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Cheryl K.


"A few months ago I had the privilege of receiving a reading from Angie Prince, it truly made me feel so good inside. She is very intuitive and her high energy flows to you and you can't help going away from a reading uplifted and eager. She's amazing at what she does. Her wisdom and the messages she passed to me were simply wonderful."

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"I received a reading from Angie on October 10, I was more than happy with everything I heard. She didn’t read just my thoughts she knew so much that I hadn’t let myself realize. I got a message from my grandmother with evidence that was I spot on. My grandmother was “my person “and the things that Angie told me  Brought me Bach to my ten-year-old self. 

She was also correct in verbalizing my subconscious “issues” and gave me suggestions and activities to help alleviate some of my patterns. I will be scheduling readings From Angie in the future. I highly recommend her services !"

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Diana K.


"Angie did a reading for me and it was amazing. She was so accurate with what was going on in my life right now. She was able to identify things that not many people would know. Angie provided me with a message from my father who just passed in February. Angie's message from him brought me great comfort. She was also able to pick up on the emotional issues I am facing and give me a message that gave me encouragement that I will move through this quickly. Angie was very personable and relatable I would recommend her anytime."

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Janet A.


"Angie Prince is very tuned into her gifts! From the first time she did a card reading for me, she was 100% accurate and spot on for where I was at that point-in-time! She's also just a natural uplifter so engaging with her is fun and light! Highly recommend her!"

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Tina R.


"It has been almost one month since I had the honor of receiving a reading from Angie. I purposely wanted to wait to see how I would be impacted by this reading. Needlessly to say there has not been one day I have not reflected on her thoughts and beautiful messages. This has allowed me to have a deeper sense of awareness on myself and how I view and react to others. Because of Angie I am taking time to reflect more and make time for myself first so I can give more to others. I’ve also started to say “no” as a “Yes with resentment” is worst than a “No”. This reading is now a tool in my toolbox. I highly recommend a reading from Angie as she has a very special gift."


Kristy B.


"for any of my friends that have ever been interested in a reading or feel stuck in someway, Angie Prince does amazing work with her readings and coaching! They have connection to what is going on and she has a knack for connecting with those she works with that allows her to receive guidance that is relevant to the current situation going on."

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Kelly G.


"I received a reading from Angie. Not only was the reading accurate, but thorough as well. She brought up some of the same messages I had received in a womb healing from another intuitive, weeks before. This was very validating for me and assured me the healers were both tapped into my higher self, as they are picking up similar messages. Highly recommend!"

Cindy Richards.PNG

Cindy R.


"I feel Angie has a gift, and I felt much better when she pulled my cards. It was actually what I needed to hear. She is very kind, and I definitely will come back to Angie for guidance. Thank you, Angie. Much love and Blessings."

Pink Flower Petals

Ashley G. 


"I had a reading with Angie and it was so spot on every time I went to read it I would cry and not be able to finish it. It took me a while to finish because it was so amazing and true and exactly what I needed to hear. Very moving and eye opening as well. She has a special gift."


Regina O.


"I was recently blessed with an Oracle Card Reading from Angie and was blown away by it's relevance and accuracy regarding current situations in my life. Angie's sweet and caring nature was apparent in the way she described her process of setting intention and tapping into my Energy beforehand. She even took the extra step to make a relevant book recommendation based on what was revealed during the reading which I looked into and am enjoying thoroughly! Thank you so much for a great experience Angie Prince you have a beautiful gift and I'm honored that you shared it with me."

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Mary-Catherine H.


"I love working with Angie. She connected in instantly to my struggles and was able to give me a beautiful message and steps to help take action. Each conversation be it intuitive coaching or card reading I have with Angie I feel heard, seen, and empowered. She has a way of intuitively knowing what I need and uses words that relate specifically to me. Sounds funny but she really helps you take in and process with her. I feel so much better after just two sessions with Angie and I look forward to more. I 100% recommend her and I fully back her 100%. Trust me you will thank yourself for saying yes to Angie!"

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Ayla F.



"I was blessed with an intuitve card reading from Angie recently. She was absolutely spot on with every single card. She pinpointed areas where I was currently working on childhood trauma, she reminded me of the infinate wisdom of the medicine woman that is available to me. Angie even pulled the elephant card and shortly after I was led to Ganesh. Music and nature are incredibly important to me and she was able to tune to that, as well as many other aspects of my life that she couldnt possibly have known. Angie is truly gifted and has many untapped gifts that I can wait to watch unfold. I can't thank you enough for the empowering message you were able to deliver through your reading. You are incredible!💜💜"

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Monaca W.


"Angie did a fantastic job on my reading! It was just what I needed to give me that extra push to keep going for my goals."

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Julianne S.


"I recently had an oracle reading done by Angie. To say she was spot on with her analysis & how it pertains to my life right now is an understatement, it almost felt like she knows myself better then I do. I have turned to Angie many times over the last few months for guidance & insight,she has always given me great input & helped me with understanding certain situations. I can't recommend her enough to others. If you are looking for someone to help you with guidance & understanding then you have found the right person."

Ernestine hill.JPG

Ernestine H.


"I want to thank you for taking the time for the reading. I needed a word/message that I am surrounded by angels and to continue on my path. I am so grateful and you have really tapped into my situation."


Christina F.


"Angie has been my go-to for loving guidance and support for years. Whenever I am struggling, she offers a safe space for me to be heard, and then lovingly guides me to see all of the possibilities that are open for me. She has as intuitive gift of connecting with others that is unparalleled. If you’ve ever experienced being “stuck” in life or in pursuit of your dream, it’s Angie you want by your side. You will feel more loved and supported with every step you take."

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