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Balance. Empower. Elevate. Manifest.

From Intuitive Readings to Gene Keys Guided Sessions
I am excited to offer multiple options to support you in embracing your magnificence. If you don't find what you're looking for below, reach out to me directly. It is my mission to support you in finding the support you're looking for to live the life you deserve. And you DO deserve it!

Please Note: All sessions are currently online via Zoom (cameras optional).

If you prefer phone, please indicate this in the notes when booking.


This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it often becomes the key that opens the door that has felt locked up for too long. It is your door; I am simply handing you the key to peek inside. I do this by connecting with you energetically and requesting that Spirit guide me to the message that is in your highest good.


All messages are loving, uplifting, and inspiring. Often times, the reading will validate what you already know, leaving you with a renewed sense of calm, confidence, and a clearer path forward. You may also gain a new perspective on current situations. In our sessions, I may use a variety of tools from oracle cards to chakra stones, as well as psychic connection and sometimes, mediumship (connecting with a loved one who has a message for you).


My rate is $125 for an hour with you, but I often come to the session having already read your energy, to give us the full hour to dive deeper into the conversation.


What is Gene Keys?


"Your Gene Keys Profile is a means of unlocking the enormous potential of your life. Bringing together astrological calculations and the Chinese I Ching, your Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here." ~ Richard Rudd


When I first found Gene Keys, I was ASTONISHED to see how incredibly spot on the profile was. Unlike Natal Charts, the language touched me at a deeper soul level and make practical sense... I just wished I had someone who had taken the journey already to guide me. I spent several years diving deeply into the keys, lines, and meaning. And then, I became a guide to be that person I wanted to walk with me at the beginning.


What to expect in your session


As a Gene Keys Guide, it is my great honor to support you in orienting to your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile as well as connecting the energies of the Gene Keys into real-life challenges and experiences.


This contemplative journey of self-discovery TRULY changed my world and aligned me with the Gifts of my life mission, divine higher purpose, and prosperity.


The idea is that your path through contemplation and inquiry to alignment is yours to decide, and I am here to guide you through Love, Gentleness, examples, and support. We work together on your timeline to create balance through clarity, empowerment, the elevation of your vibration, and the manifestation of things you haven't dared to dream of yet. Take the leap of faith.


Visit Richard Rudd's website to receive your free Hologenetic profile

Download a copy, read through it, and send a copy of the pdf download to prior to our scheduled session, as well as anything that may have stood out to you! If you have questions, reach out to

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One of the things I love most in life is having the opportunity to work with creative and passionate women who are ready to share ideas and co-create extraordinary opportunities! Each month, I will host an event,  such as "The Full Moon Ceremony series" in 2020, and "The Elevation Experiences" coming in 2021. I find that when women come together with their powerful energy of deliberate intent, the group as a whole is accelerated in both their healing and their creative process. 

I have also been asked to speak at group events, which I adore of course! If you would like to consult on a speaking engagement, please send an email to with a request for a speaking consult. You will be sent date/times for a 45 minute call to explore what would be most meaningful to your audience. 

Keep an eye on the Events page for future announcements. 

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Is there someone special in your life who would love a reading or hypnotherapy session?
Give the gift of clarity and inspiration with a gift certificate for a service. Simply type in the amount for the service you would like to gift, or any portion thereof that can be applied at the time of booking.


30 Minute Intuitive Reading & Guidance Session


1 Hour Intuitive Reading & Guidance Session


Gene Keys Guided Session 



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