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Please Note: If you elect NOT to choose a product, you will be sent the Reading, via email, to confirm that you resonate with the imbalances I calculate. Simply select "Profile Only"


We will email a CODE with your reading that you can use to come back and select a product after you have validated that the profile resonates with you. The code will deduct the cost of the profile reading. If you select a product at a later date, you will need to indicate that your profile has already been calculated. Instructions with ceremonies/rituals, as well as how to use the product will be mailed with your product.


If we have worked together before and you prefer to pay in full, please select your product option. You profile will still be emailed to you first to ensure that my calculations resonate before your product is created. Once you have verified, I will begin your product creation. A printed copy of the profile will be mailed along with your, product, and instructions within 5-7 business days. If I have any additional questions, I will email you directly. 



What it's all about


Simply put, alchemy is concerned with purification and perfecting, stripping away the dross to refine the remaining matter into something as pure as possible. Alchemy was a forerunner of chemistry in the physical field. Alchemy was and is used in the pursuit of personal spiritual perfection, the transformation of the dross of mundane self into higher self, in the esoteric field.


I began my career as a teenager in a retail pharmacy. I absolutely loved creating compound formulas to create the exact combination of each ingredient that a patient needed to transmute the disease or ailment in an effort to perfect the body and mind. As I have expanded on my spiritual path, I was directed numerous times by mentors, guides, and intuitives to come back to past life roots of herbal work to serve my clients by empowering, balancing, and transforming Energy to purify the mind, body, AND spirit.


I choose to work with my client’s numerological and/or astrological chart to create a custom formula for the most transformative results. By focusing on correcting imbalances or negatives in your chart and including Planetary and Elemental energies that may be missing, I am able to create a formula that represents your strengths and aspirations to provide you with the tools you need to achieve goals and overcome natal challenges.


Numerology is a science that calculates the vibration of your name (the one you most closely identify) and/or the number vibration of your birth date. I divine the energies of your name to discover what influences your conscious and unconscious perceptions and actions.


From there, I blend the planetary correspondence of herbs and oils to create a custom blend that will balance the predominant and missing energies. Simply put, I do a little math, make a little love, get down tonight… (old school humor). What I do is create incense, bath salts/teas, or oil combinations; as well as provide instructions you will use with your formula to get the best results.


Later, we can modify your custom formula for specific blends that will support you in areas of love, career, prosperity, health, inspiration, intuition, peace, courage, etc. Each formula will include your unique base formula that will serve to capitalize on your natural strengths and add blends to truly transform any area of your life.


Profile Only: Your profile will be mailed to you within 24-48 hours of your order. You will receive a code to use in the selection of a product if you choose to do so.


Product Selection Today:  Your profile/reading will be emailed within 1-2 business days. Upon confirmation to proceed with a product, I will send an invoice. Once it is paid, the creation time and shipping of your selected product will take 8-10 business days. You will receive a tracking number once your formula is shipped. Detailed instructions will be included in your package.


Please email to request an example profile. 


*Prices subject to change at any time*

Custom Formula Reading & Herb and Oil Formula Product

  • This product is non-refundable. If you have any issues with your product, please reach out directly and we will discuss options. 

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