Now you can host your own Full Moon Ceremony! If you would like the recorded guided ceremony, you can purchase it separately, or purchase the kit and follow your own intuitive knowing in a ceremony that's perfect for you! 

What you get in your kit:

  • Goddesss/God/Universe Box
  • A handmade, Reiki energy-infused (Sandalwood) 
  • Full Moon Water spray bottle for clearing and cleansing 
  • 2 Vials – 1 Moonstone / 1 Black Obsidian/Fluorite/Amythest with moon water
  • Black bag of additional Black Obsidian/Fluorite/Amythest stones individually packaged
  • A Crystal and Moon Water Brochure Guide
  • Match book
  • One black circle (full moon)
  • One white circle (new moon)
  • Clip for burning your circle
  • Ceremony and Altar Guide
  • Crystal and Moonwater Guide


Price includes taxes and shipping and can only be shipped in the United States. Note: Refunds are not available due to the handmade nature and limited availability of the product.

Host it Yourself! Full Moon Ceremony Kit

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