Now you can host your own Full Moon Ceremony! You will receive a link to download the ceremony, as well as a downloadable guide. You may also choose to add on a kit and have everything you will need to be delivered to your door! 


What you get in your kit:

  • Goddesss/God/Universe Box
  • A handmade, Reiki energy-infused (different scent options) 
  • Full Moon Water spray bottle for clearing and cleansing 
  • 2 Vials – 1 Moonstone / 1 Black Obsidian/Fluorite/Amythest with moon water
  • Black bag of additional Black Obsidian/Fluorite/Amythest stones individually packaged
  • A Crystal and Moon Water Brochure Guide
  • Match book
  • One black circle (full moon)
  • One white circle (new moon)
  • Clip for burning your circle
  • Ceremony and Altar Guide
  • Crystal and Moonwater Guide


Price includes taxes and shipping and can only be shipped in the United States. Note: Refunds are not available due to the handmade nature and limited availability of the product.

Host it Yourself! Guided Full Moon Ceremony (Kits available for additional cost)

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