Welcome, Darling!

It is no mistake you found my page! If you were drawn here, it was by design and I suspect, like me you have been searching for a sign for some time that you are on the right path to fulfill your Divine Purpose; the one you chose before you arrived on this amazing planet! Let's find out in an Intuitive Reading & Guidance Session


Isn’t it time that you deliberately stepped into your gifts and embraced all that you’ve been longing to get back to… your TRUE Essence as a magnificent creator? When you say YES to an Intuitive Reading, you are embarking on a fabulous and fascinating journey to...


·         Balance

·         Empower

·         Elevate

·         Manifest

I spent over a decade in the corporate world becoming a highly skilled coach. During that time I would intuitively connect with the challenge my clients were truly facing to help them quickly identify the solution and take easy action. In other words, I used intuition to cut through all the fluff and BS that we use to hold ourselves back.


I eventually brought my passion for the Laws of the Universe together with my practical coaching skills to support clients from all over the world to quickly gain clarity and easily move toward their own solutions and manifesting their desires

Join me, and together, we will embark on an elevating experience to find your Balance, Soul Empowerment, and Elevate your frequency so that you can more easily Manifest what you truly desire. From this space of alignment, the answers to the questions you’ve been asking are far easier to hear.


You’ve always held the key, I am simply showing you where you’ve hidden it. It's my job to SEE you and reflect your magnificence to you, as you embrace it yourself. 


About Angie

Certified in Spiritual Life Coaching, Gene Keys Guidance, Hypnotherapy, and Energy work, Angie specializes in intuitive connection and energetic alignment with your Inner Being to remove blocks and raise the frequency of the emotional and mental bodies.


Angie focuses on supporting those who embody a willing Spirit, an open heart, and an eagerness to learn, in order to emerge into their authentic Being in this time/space reality and begin living more confidently, joyfully, and abundantly! If open-heartedness is something you're emerging into, a Gene Keys Profile Session is a PERFECT place to start. These sessions are designed to utilize the Gene Keys profile and the contemplative journey toward an open heart on the path of your life mission, divine higher purpose, and prosperity.

No matter the service, working with Angie will help clarify your Soul Contract, your Divine Purpose in this lifetime, and the path to allow all that you intended before you came into this physical body.